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Overland Water Insurance

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Why You Should Protect Your Home with Overland Water Insurance

Living near a river and some other natural features could really be fun but the fun goes away in the event of a natural disaster. Everybody loves nature but the frequently occurring natural disasters are really troubling. But you don’t have to renounce your love for nature because of natural disasters.

With overland water insurance, you can still live near a river and be protected.

Overland water insurance covers for any kind of water damage that occurs as a result of the overflow of river, lake or even attributed to heavy rainfall. The damage that occurs due to rapid snowmelt may also be categorized under this insurance plan.

What Overland Water Insurance Offers

Overland water insurance guarantees sufficient protection provided the water damage is caused by any one of the aforementioned factors. You can make your claim once water enters your home through any of these sources from any point at ground level or above it.

  • Water damage that occurs as a result of overflow of river, lake, rapid snowmelt or heavy rainfall.
  • Intact makes it easy for you to determine the best insurance plan that will meet your requirements by providing you with a network of independent brokers across Canada.
  • The broker will help you determine how best to maximize the plan and to avoid confusion and waste of time.
  • The overland water insurance plan is easy to use.

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