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Protect Your Lifestyle with Aviva Ovation

Everyone strives to have and acquire more but hardly do people pause and think about the unique risks that accompany having more. You need to consider the best way to protect the things you care about and value the most. This is exactly where Aviva ovation insurance plan comes in. Ovation offers best-in-class protection for your assets and valuables.


Auto Insurance for High-Value Vehicles, Property Insurance for High-Value Homes, Leisure and Lifestyle Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance, and Claims Service that Puts You First.

This coverage is designed to give you peace of mind and allows you to live your life without being afraid that your valued assets will be stolen or lost.

With ovation, you can protect your valuables including high-value vehicles, home, and any other asset. You can even leverage the add-ons to further customize and make your plan more robust.

Why Choose Aviva Ovation Insurance

Ovation does not only care about your tangible values but also it accords great value to your time. If you are looking for the best standard of service and convenience, there is obviously no better coverage than Ovation. The claims service guarantee is one of the numerous features that make your plan more robust.

  • You can protect your luxury sports car and family SUV or any other luxury vehicle with the auto insurance for high value vehicles add-on.
  • Your high valued possessions, motor homes, collector cars, boats and much more can be protected with the ovation leisure and lifestyle insurance add-on.
  • Ovation allows you to protect your high value homes and eliminates inconveniences such as water damage distress.
  • This plan puts you first and values your time. You are also guaranteed expert services 24/7 from claims care experts.
  • You are guaranteed claims service satisfaction guarantee when you leverage this plan.

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