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Insurance Plan with Extra Coverage

The unexpected does not put up warning notes before occurring. Accidents and loss can occur when we do not expect them and the loss could be irreplaceable if there is not adequate insurance plan in place to cater for such loss. With my Extras insurance plan provided by Intact, you can protect your valuables, assets, and properties from unexpected events.

This insurance plan is designed in such a way as to offer you peace of mind on your assets or valuables. It covers a wide range of assets and valuables including prized collections, recreational activities, or even ornamental gardens. The plan also includes enhanced coverage for further customizable protection.

Why You Need My Extra Coverage

To qualify for my Extra coverage, you need to have a minimum amount of dwelling or condominium insurance. New customers are required to be at least 3 years claim free and existing Intact’s customers are required to have a maximum of one claim for the past 3 years.

  • You need to meet the claims-free eligibility condition for either new or existing customers to qualify for this plan.
  • With Lifestyle Advantage coverage, you can save about 10% on my Extras plan.
  • The plan covers for bicycles, jewelry, and watercraft, landscaping and so forth.
  • It offers sufficient protection for personal and premise liability.
  • It can protect your business property either in your primary residence or outside the premises.
  • It provides sufficient compensation in case your ski, snowboard and golf equipment is lost, damaged or stolen when traveling.
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