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Protect Your Vehicle and Save on Intact My Driving Discount

Collision and vehicle damage are usually not planned but when they occur, you may have to spend a lot of money to put your vehicle in proper condition. The situation is even worse if you cause the accident by your action or inaction.

With adequate vehicle insurance, you can take care of any vehicle damage without affecting your personal savings.

Intact insurance offers several types of coverage to insure your car. Two of the profound and easily adaptable types are car insurance based on your vehicle and car insurance based on your habits. You can customize your coverage with these two plans to meet your exact requirement. The package you choose should depend on how you commute and what you want to achieve.

What My Driving Discount Offers

Customizing car insurance based on your driving habits could pay off greatly especially if you have good driving habits. Most insurance providers reward good habits, intact is not left out especially as it relates to car insurance services. You save as much as 25% and enjoy several other features with this package.

  • This program allows you to save up to 25% of your car insurance premium
  • The program rewards good driving habit and behavior.
  • My Driving Discount mobile is very easy to use and has several other wonderful features.
  • The platform also provides seamless features that allow for easy registration.
  • The Driving Discount mobile is a free app and encourages good driving habits.

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