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A Perfect Protection for Your Motorhome and Recreational Vehicles

Motorhome serve two basic and important purposes; as a home and also as a vehicle. You don’t want your motorhome or any other recreational vehicle to be subjected to chances or unforeseen circumstances do you? This is why you need the right RV insurance to keep your investment secured. Interestingly, Allstate offers the best RV insurance at affordable rates.

The basic recreational vehicle insurance you should opt for would depend on your province. However, no matter the province you are, you will definitely need the liability coverage, accident benefit and the direct compensations property damage offered by Allstate. With this coverage offers the protect you need whether the accident is caused by you or someone else.

Coverage Options and Benefits in Allstate Motorhome Insurance

The motorhome coverage provides three optional coverage namely, collision or upset coverage, comprehensive coverage and coverage for all perils. These coverage can help you customize your plan to suit your exact needs. You can also leverage several other coverage options such as family protection, contents, guaranteed replacement, and alternative transportation.

  • The Allstate motorhome insurance is designed to protect your recreational vehicles such as camper trailer, motorhome, classic camper van, or travel trailer.
  • Allstate provides the motorhome insurance at a very affordable rate to help you get the protection you need.
  • The motorhome mandatory insurance coverage includes liability coverage, coverage for accident benefits and direct compensation for property damage.
  • The accident benefit includes coverage for loss of income in the event of disability, medical bills, funeral costs, and rehabilitation.
  • The liability coverage covers you if you are held liable for injury or death caused by another person in an accident.
  • Optional motorhome coverage offered by Allstate includes coverage for collision or upset, comprehensive, and specified perils.
  • The comprehensive coverage covers windshield damage and damage caused by vandalism, theft, lightning explosion, falling objects and so forth.
  • The specified perils coverage covers both the collision or upset and the comprehensive coverage.
  • Other coverage options include coverage for RV contents, guaranteed replacement, alternative transportation, and family protection.
  • You can save on your coverage with the “Take Two” advantage. This allows you to combine your property and recreational vehicle insurance together and save on both coverage.

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