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Intact Motorcycle Insurance – The Coverage You Need To Protect Your Scooters And Bikes

Motorcycles, just like any other vehicle, can be involved in an accident. Bike accidents could be catastrophic and could completely damage the vehicle. This may not really mean so much to you if your bike is cheap but it could be devastating if the bike means the world to you. However, you can protect your bike with Intact insurance’s motorcycle insurance.

Intact Motorcycle Insurance offers mouthwatering offers and benefits on its bike and scooter insurance.

The insurance benefits could amount to $70,000. The benefit is sufficient to cater for most kind of motorcycle liabilities and help you to keep your bike or scooter in great condition without affecting your personal savings.

What Bike and Scooter Insurance Covers

No matter the kind of bike or scooter you have, you can be sure that Intact insurance’s coverage will cover them. This coverage can cover cruisers, custom-built bikes, standard bikes and most other kinds of bikes to make it easy for you to cruise.

  • The insurance benefit is valued up to $70,000.
  • The plan could cover up to $2 million in third party liability.
  • Different kinds of bikes are covered by this policy. These include cruisers, standard bikes, customized bikes, dual-purpose bikes and also off-road bikes.
  • This coverage could be included as an addendum to your auto policy or to your home and auto policy.

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