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Aviva Motorcycle Insurance

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Aviva Motorcycle Insurance – The Sufficient Protection You Need For Your Bikes

Bikes are fun to use. They can be used for cruising, touring, racing and for sports. Although all bikes are not created equal, every bike lover will want to protect his precious assets from being destroyed or wrecked in an accident. The plan comes with a lot of amazing features, benefits and it is designed to suit your exact budgets and needs.

The specialized plan for motorcycles functions effectively for all kinds of motorcycles. It allows you to relish your passion on the road and be rest assured that you are perfectly protected. The optional features available in this plan further concretize the policy and provides an even more comprehensive and customizable policy for the insured.

Features available in the Aviva Motorcycle Insurance

The Aviva Canada motorcycle insurance comes with a bevy of features but to register to this plan, you need to meet the eligibility conditions and rules. With the customizable optional features, you can further protect yourself against damage and theft.

  • All kinds of motorcycle, bikes, sports bikes and so forth are protected in this plan.
  • You need to meet the eligibility conditions and rules to qualify for this plan.
  • You can leverage the protection against theft and damage optional feature to protect your bike from the unexpected.
  • With the waiver of depreciation coverage, Aviva will replace your bike with a brand new one if it is damaged beyond repair, even if the cost of the brand new one exceeds the original bike’s cost.
  • The plan allows you to save in so many ways such as safe riding, multiple policies, advanced safety and so forth.
  • You have the service of experienced claims experts round the clock, thus providing you with claims service satisfaction guarantee.

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