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Aviva Motor Home Insurance – A Comprehensive and Robust Insurance Coverage

Motor homes combine living home and a vehicle. They are fun to use for recreation, vacation, and relaxation. Insuring your motor home is a way to make sure that it serves you better. Such an insurance coverage gives peace of mind and helps you cruise with ease.

Aviva recognizes the importance of motor homes and therefore provides the robust motor home insurance plan to help you achieve this.

Motor homes come in different classes. The three major classes include class A, B, and C. Interestingly, Aviva Canada insures any type and class of motor home, offering you sufficient protection and a lot of features that can be used to further customize your motor home insurance plan to suit your intended usage.

Protect All Classes of Motor Homes with Aviva Motor Home Insurance

The bevies of optional features that come with this policy make customizing your Aviva motor home policy a lot easy. In addition, the plan provides seamless features that can enable the insured to save a lot of money and enjoy world-class insurance services offered by Aviva.

  • You can insure any kind or class of motor home with Aviva insurance. Motor homes like class A, B, and C motor homes can be insured.
  • You can also choose to insure your motor home for its real cash value up to its guaranteed replacement cost. This is provided in the unique coverage options.
  • You can enjoy 20% less deductible per year if you stay claim free in the Aviva motor home insurance plan.
  • Aviva provides a benefit of up to $5,000 to the insured for emergency vacation expense.
  • The service of experienced claims experts is available round the clock in this plan.
  • This insured in this plan is backed by the claims service satisfaction guarantee.
  • You can enjoy a lot of discounts on this plan if you have more than one policy or install an anti-theft device in your motor home.
  • The roadside assistance optional feature can be leveraged to obtain help in case your motor home breaks down.

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