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Minor Conviction Protection

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The Coverage You Need For Protection in Minor Conviction

Minor convictions are often unexpected but they can really be a pain in the neck and could negatively impact on your insurance premium. Minor conviction protection is an intact insurance package designed to give you peace of mind and guaranteeing that your first minor conviction will not affect your premium.

Minor convictions are generally classified as traffic offenses. These convictions are so named in order to distinguish them from Criminal Code of Canada, major or serious convictions. However, to obtain the Minor Conviction Protection, you need to meet some requisite eligibility requirement as it relates to licensing and conviction.

What Minor Conviction Protection Entails

One important requirement for the Minor Conviction Protection is the number of years the driver has been licensed. The minimum number of years is six years. License rate depends on the number of license years. The rate for six to eight years licensing is $50 per year and for nine years and above, it is $40 per year.

  • The insured must be free for convictions for at least the past three years to be qualified for this coverage.
  • You must be a policyholder of Novex automobile or Intact insurance.
  • The minimum number of license years required for the insured is six.
  • The coverage may include other exclusions, limitations or conditions.
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