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Medipac Travel Medical Insurance

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Medipac Travel Insurance – The Reliable Travel Medical Insurance for You

When you travel, you want to remain protected in case a medical emergency occurs. Without an adequate coverage, you may end up spending hugely out of pocket and this might affect your life savings and budgets. However, you can take advantage of Medipac travel medical insurance to protect yourself whether you are taking a single, short or long-term trip.

The travel medical insurance provides coverage that could span from 1 to 212 days of travel outside Canada or your home province. The benefits are comprehensive and cover several stable pre-existing conditions and are affordable and also available to all ages.

The Medipac Travel Medical Insurance Plan Benefits

The Medipac travel medical insurance has a lot of interesting and mind-blowing benefits. Furthermore, the plan does not have any age limit and it provides a full coverage of several stable medical conditions. It provides medical benefits up to $2,000,000 that can be used for doctor’s and physician’s care, air ambulance, emergency dental coverage, prescription drug coverage, return to destination benefit, etc.

  • The travel medical insurance plan is for Canadian residents planning to embark on a single, short or long-term trip.
  • The coverage can span from a day to 212 days of travel outside Canada or your home province.
  • The plan is comprehensive and provides affordable benefits. It is available to individuals of all ages.
  • It also offers a discount up to 28% for new and returning clients.
  • The policy for this coverage is written in an easy to understand language.
  • The coverage provides emergency medical benefits up to $2,000,000. The benefit can be used for doctor’s and physician’s care, hospital and emergency room expenses, chiropractor’s and other practitioner’s care, prescription drug coverage, ambulance and paramedic fees, emergency dental coverage, return to destination benefit, and so forth.
  • You can also take advantage of the medical assist service which includes the 24-hour toll-free advice from the experienced medical professionals, caring assistance during a medical emergency as well as hospital, clinic and physician referrals.
  • Medipac travel medical insurance is endorsed by two of the leading Canadian associations including The Royal Canadian Legion and the Canadian Snowbird Association.

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