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Manufactured Home Insurance

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Adequate Insurance Coverage For Your Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes are just like any other normal home. They can be mobile, double wide, modular or mini. In some cases, people use manufactured homes seasonally and some other people may even choose the rent it out.

Aviva Canada Manufactured Home Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage that will protect your manufactured home no matter its type and how you use it.

Aviva Canada Manufactured Home insurance is the right protection for you. It includes a bevy of features as well as optional benefits that can be leveraged to ramp up your experience. Your personal properties and structures such as sheds are guaranteed to be protected in this insurance plan.

Optional Features and Benefits Available in Manufactured Home Insurance Coverage

With Aviva manufactured home insurance, you can protect your manufactured home and at the same time, save a lot of money through discounts. Discounts are offered here on the basis of being claims-free, mortgage-free or having a fire alarm. This plan is not only robust but also it is flexible.

  • All kinds of manufactured homes including modular, mini, double wide and mobile are covered by this plan.
  • The built-in coverage option guarantees sufficient protection of your detached structures and personal properties.
  • You can decide to insure your manufactured home for its replacement cost or its actual cash value. This option is provided in the flexible coverage options.
  • You can also cover valuables like jewelry, golf cart in the optional coverage option.
  • Discounts can be awarded to you for being claims-free, mortgage-free, having a fire alarm, and so forth.
  • Aviva provides experienced claims experts 24/7. The experts understand how trailers work and also this feature is backed by the claims service satisfaction guarantee.

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