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UL Mutual Whole Life Insurance with Flexible Premium Payment

The premium payment structure of most whole life insurance plans is very strict. In most cases, you will be required to pay up to a certain year, which is usually costly. UL Mutual Integral permanent life insurance offers an interesting and highly flexible premium payment structure. It allows you to pay premiums all your life and adjust the premium payments as it suits you.

With UL Mutual Integral permanent life insurance, you can interrupt your premium payment anytime you want and will still not lose an iota of money. You can even stop paying premiums at your will but you will still be protected for life. Of course, this insurance plan sounds too good to be true, but it has a few limitations and conditions.

What Integral Permanent Life Insurance Covers

Integral permanent life insurance covers you on the insurance that is equivalent to the total premiums you have paid. In other words, as soon as you stop paying premiums, your insurance coverage will be adjusted to its reduced equivalent depending on the total premiums you have already paid.

  • Integral permanent life insurance allows you to pay premiums all your life.
  • With this insurance plan, you can interrupt payment as you wish without losing money.
  • You can also stop paying premium anytime you want and will still be insured for life.
  • The plan covers you by a reduced equivalence of your insurance equivalent to the total amount of premiums you have paid when you stop paying premiums.
  • You can cancel your insurance contract and redeem a part of the premiums you have paid. The money you redeemed can be used for any purpose such as health issues, personal projects and so forth.

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