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Insurance for Recreational Trailers and Park Models

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The Right Protection for Your Recreational Trailers and Park Models

Travel and tent trailers are almost as equivalent as a living home. They comprise spacious living room, bedroom, and even well-equipped kitchens. Campers and travelers find recreational trailers and park models very important but to ensure that the equipment serves you properly, you need to ensure you recreational trailer. This is exactly what Aviva Canada recreational trailer insurance stands for.

No matter the model and kind of recreational trailer you want to insure, you can be sure that the insurance plan is capable enough to cater for it. The plan can insure tent trailers, 5th wheeler, and a park model. In addition, the insurance will cover your vehicle no matter what you use it for. In other words, sufficient protection is available for recreational vehicles used for full-time traveling and those used for vacations.

Benefits Obtainable with the Recreational Trailer Insurance

The recreational trailer insurance includes a lot of features that make the plan robust. In addition, optional features are available to make customization of the plan easy. Also, the plan features money-saving discount offers and claims service satisfaction guarantee for robust protection and savings.

  • The plan guarantees sufficient protection for trailers of all kinds, shape, and
  • Whether you are using your recreational trailer for vacation or traveling full time with it, this plan can cover you.
  • The specialized coverage covers your detached private structures and personal property and at the same time includes an extended warranty for the included appliances.
  • The guarantee replacement cost option is an optional feature that pays you the full value of your trailer in the event of a loss.
  • You can save money on discounts when you install an anti-theft device or by having more than one policy.
  • Aviva provides experienced claims experts 24/7. The experts understand how trailers work and also this feature is backed by the claims service satisfaction guarantee.
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