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Intact Group Insurance – A Robust and Exceptional Group Coverage

Group insurance coverage is beneficial in several ways but usually, they serve the interest of a union, professional association, alumni or even the employee group. No matter the group you fit into, you can make the most of Novex insurance (an affiliate of Intact insurance) plan, to sufficiently protect the group and its members.

The group insurance plan has several benefits and features especially as it relates to savings. With the insurance plan, you can seamlessly save on your auto and home insurance. The auto insurance package awards you discount for each vehicle you own and in addition, the plan does not involve any interest charge on monthly payments.

Additional Features and Benefits of Novex Group Insurance

With the insurance coverage provided by Novex, you can enjoy a lot of additional benefits such as the Novex Assistance and LifestageCare.  Some of the additional services include legal information, babysitting service, house cleaning service, and so forth.

  • With this plan, you can save on home and auto insurance.
  • The plan does not impose any charges on interest or services in monthly payments.
  • You are qualified for a discount for each vehicle you own.
  • If you are a non-smoker, mature, mortgage-free and claims-free, you qualify for a discount on your condo and homeowner policies.
  • The homeowner risks are rated based on the customer’s unique characteristics as well as their experiences and information about the home.
  • The Novex Assistance provides additional support such as legal information, babysitting services, nursing/homemaking service, and house cleaning service. These services are not counted as part of your claims. They are rendered free of charge when you have the coverage.
  • LivingstageCare is also an additional service included in this plan.

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