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Protect Your Home with IA Homeowners Insurance

A home is an asset everyone craves to have however, homeowners are faced with several liabilities, damages, and repairs, especially as the house ages. IA homeowner’s insurance can provide sufficient coverage for your home and rental property from any form of liability.

Homeowner’s Insurance covers various kinds of residences including detached and semi-detached homes. It also covers rental properties, condos, and seasonal homes. Furthermore, the coverage includes the house contents including sheds and garages.

Overview of the Top Features of IA Homeowner’s Insurance

The IA homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for specified perils including fire and theft and any other peril listed in the policy. Some other additional coverage such as sewer backup, water damage, pool or hot tube, and oil leaks may be covered.

  • The plan covers specified perils.
  • It covers all kinds of risks that could occur in the home.
  • Accidental damage to the home and properties are also covered.
  • The home insurance package is only available in Quebec
  • Additional coverage in this plan includes sewer back-up, water damage, pool or hot tube, oil leaks and so forth.
  • With this plan, your property and home will still be covered even when you are temporarily outside the home.

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