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Your condo deserves to be properly protected. It is an investment you cannot afford to jettison but how can you effectively protect your condo? With so many condo owners insurance out there you are probably confused on which one to choose, aren’t you? Desjardins, an insurance industry leader in Canada, provides efficient condo owners insurance with a lot of basic coverage, optional coverage, saving potential and features that will help you to enjoy real value for your money.

Desjardins condo owner insurance provides basic and additional coverage. The basic coverage includes civil liability and all-risk home insurance while the additional coverage includes fuel oil leaks, earthquake coverage, water service pipe breakage, Desjardins teleprevention, watercraft insurance, to mention a few. The additional features allow you to customize your insurance plan to suit you exact and intended purpose.

Basic and Additional Features of Condo owner Insurance

Every condo owner is held liable for the bodily injury or property damage they cause on another. You may even be held liable for a slip or fall that occurs in your condo. This is why you need the Desjardins condo owner insurance. The civil liability and the all-risk home insurance option will offer you sufficient protection you need for issues, risks, and accidents that occur in your condo.

  • The condo owner insurance plan allows you to enjoy a lot of savings when you install centrally monitored alarm system, water damage prevention system with automatic water shut-off valve, insure your home and car with Desjardins insurance or be claims free.
  • On insuring your condo with this plan, you will be rewarded with free Desjardins identity theft assistance.
  • You can also further protect your property by taking advantage of the all-risk insurance. This protects you if your condo is damaged due to fire, vandalism, or water damage and so forth.
  • The free water and freeze detector are available to you when you sign up for the Alert program. This option will help you to be notified as early as possible and therefore prevent damage to your property.
  • You can easily manage your auto and home insurance plans with the Desjardins Home-Auto mobile app.
  • Desjardins homeowners insurance comes with a slew of additional features that can be leveraged to customize your plan. Some of the optional features include fuel oil leaks, earthquake coverage, watercraft insurance, water service pipe breakage, Desjardins teleprevention, and so forth.

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