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Critical Illnesses Insurance

SSQ health insurance plan

A Robust Protection against Critical Illnesses

In the event of a critical illness, your recovery or that of your loved one is of utmost importance, you may not really worry about your financial situation at such a time. Moreover, a critical illness can put your finances off balance especially if you are not prepared for such a time. You need a robust and reliable critical illness insurance to protect yourself or your loved ones in such a difficult time. This is why SSQ provides adequate critical illness insurance adapted to your specific needs.

In SSQ critical illness insurance, the insured will be paid a tax-free lump sum to help him focus on getting better. The lump sum is paid to the insured if he survives the waiting period indicated in his insurance policy after being diagnosed with a critical illness. The insured has an option to select either 3 or 25 critical illnesses for adults. The plan covers 28 critical illnesses for children.

What You Stand to Gain from SSQ Critical Illness Insurance

SSQ critical illness insurance allows you to protect your assets and income. It gives you access to assistance services such as psychological assistance and a second medical opinion. The plan also protects the financial security of your family. You can also use the lump sum provided in this plan to cover your current expenses bills and for additional expenses like travel, domestic help, home care and so forth.

  • The critical illness insurance plan provides you a tax-free amount that can be used as you see fit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness condition. This helps you to focus on your recovery.
  • The insured will be paid the lump sum after being diagnosed with the critical illness condition if he survives the waiting period as specified in the insurance policy.
  • The plan covers 3 or 25 critical illnesses for adults and 28 critical illnesses for children.
  • The plan also provides access to assistance services which may include psychological assistance and a second medical opinion.
  • The plan also protects the financial security of you and your family.
  • It covers your current expenses bills.
  • You can use the lump sum amount provided in the plan to pay for medication and treatments not covered by other health insurance plans, replace your income if you are absent from work due to critical illness or cover extra expenses such as home care, travel, and domestic help.

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