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Distinctive Features of Intact Cottage Insurance

Most insurance providers hardly offer cottage insurance irrespective the importance of cottages. If you love vacations, retreats, and relaxation, you will realize that a cottage is one of the most invaluable assets a person can have. Just like your regular home, your cottage should be protected by a robust plan.

Cottages are used in different ways by different people. Some people prefer to use cottages seasonally but others would rather use it all year round. How you use your cottage is left for you but the usage determines the type of insurance plan you need. No matter the use or the type of insurance plan, Intact insurance has the best plans for you.

What Intact Cottage Insurance Offers

Basically, two types of cottage insurance are offered by Intact insurance, these include broad coverage and basic coverage. Broad coverage is the right plan for you if you use your cottage all year round. However, if you use the cottage seasonally, you can go for basic coverage.

  • If you use a cottage throughout the year, you should choose broad coverage.
  • Broad coverage covers different kinds of buildings such as detached buildings, boathouse, sheds and also your belongings.
  • Basic coverage is the best plan for you if you use the cottage seasonally.
  • Basic coverage also covers your cottage as well as your belongings.
  • You can protect seasonal detached buildings with this plan.

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