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Excellent Condo Insurance For You

Condo owners, just like apartment and homeowners, face a range of issues. The issues could involve personal property and liability and in most cases, you may not easily handle them with your personal savings.

The Co-operator’s condo insurance is a very affordable option that includes a lot of interesting features to protect any kind of condo.

The Co-operator’s condominium insurance is available in two categories, prestige and classic. Prestige is the right option if you are willing to pay a higher premium to get a higher-valued protection. However, if your budget is low, the classic option will be adequate for you and also provides all of the basic protection for your condo.

Coverage Options in Condominium Insurance Plan

All the essentials are covered by the condominium insurance. The insurance covers an improvement in your home units such as carpets and also common area damage. It also includes contingent insurance to cater for any lapse that may occur in the condo insurance offered by your corporation.

  • The condo insurance includes prestige and classic options. These options determine the kind of perils covered by the plan.
  • While the classic coverage covers most basic perils, the prestige coverage covers additional perils such as paint spilling on the carpet.
  • The condominium insurance covers the condo owner for both personal property and liability.
  • The coverage allows you to make improvement in your units such as adding a new carpet, cupboard, bathroom fixtures and ceramic tiles.
  • The Co-operators also includes contingent insurance to take care of damage or loss that occurs due to deficiency of your condo corporation’s policy.
  • You can add additional insurance to your policy in order to cover items like bicycles, watercraft, jewelry and so forth.

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