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Child Life & Health Insurance Duo

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Child Life & Health Duo – The Best Life Insurance plan for Children

Nobody desires his or her child to fall sick, yet illness seldom gives warning notes before occurring and in some cases, critical illness could erode your lifetime earnings. With a robust insurance coverage, you can protect your child without affecting your personal savings.

This coverage provides you the financial assistance you need to take care of your child suffering from critical illness. It also provides funds to take care of the child’s health needs, hospitalization and so forth. This holds provided the illness fall into one of 32 illnesses included in the policy.

Why You Need IA Child Life & Health Duo plan

This coverage combines the features of critical illness and life insurance in one package. It is easy to convert the coverage to a permanent one; this can be done when the child turns 18 – 30.

  • Up to 32 illnesses which include 7 juvenile critical conditions are included in the plan.
  • The premiums are guaranteed never to increase.
  • It is a temporary coverage with a term up to 30 years. This coverage can be converted to a permanent one when the child reaches age 18 – 30.
  • The permanent insurance coverage will be completely paid when the child turns 30.

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