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Chieftain Insurance

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Travelers Chieftain Insurance Plan in Ontario

The Easy Way to Protect Your Life and Assets.

Travelers Canada Chieftain Insurance is an all-inclusive package designed to make your life simple and better, however, it is available for Ontario only. This insurance plan is designed to meet your needs at highly competitive prices. The coverage and products offered by Travelers Canada can be customized in such a way as to protect your assets and life.

Travelers Canada Chieftain Insurance includes three packages namely:

  1. Chieftain Auto Insurance

  2. Chieftain Home and Condo Insurance

  3. Chieftain Tenant Insurance

Each of these options has their respective features. For instance, each includes $2 million in liability. The Condo / Home and Tenant insurance include unlimited coverage for fine arts, computers, and silverwares.

Why Opt for Chieftain Insurance Plans

Chieftain Insurance includes some mouth-watering features that make it the best option for you. For instance, this insurance plan offers continuous protection.

This means that the plan does not expire, there is no need to renew it but you have the option to cancel it.

The plan is rated monthly. This means that you can enjoy lower premium the following month if you get an improved driving record. It also has convenient monthly payments.

  • Chieftain insurance has three options namely chieftain auto insurance, chieftain home & condo insurance, and chieftain tenant insurance.
  • Each of these options includes $2 million in liability.
  • The home/condo and tenant insurance offer unlimited coverage for computers, fine arts, and
  • The home/condo and tenant insurance also include protection for sewer backup, food in freezers, and mass evacuation.
  • The auto insurance offers family protection coverage, waiver depreciation, uninsured automobile, loss of use and so forth.
  • Chieftain insurance is comprehensive and offers continuous protection; it is rated monthly and has a convenient monthly payment by credit card, telephone bank payments or online.

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