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The Right Boat Insurance Coverage for You

Being on water brings untold freedom and fun. It allows you to explore and relish the wonders of nature. As wonderful as cruising on a boat could be, you need to think about your protection and insurance before embarking on such.

With Aviva Canada boat insurance coverage, you can confidently fish, cruise, or sail without any worries.

Aviva Canada’s boat insurance covers all kinds of boats, irrespective of the use of the boat, whether for sailing, fishing or sports. You can cover your personal watercraft, cruiser and cuddy, houseboats, pontoon and deck and so forth. Furthermore, Aviva guarantees sufficient protection for you whether you are on the water or out of it.

Leverage Boat Insurance Plan at a Competitive Rate

Aviva Canada provides a great opportunity to customize what you want for the boat insurance. You can choose the exact insurance coverage you need and be sure that the rate offered will be very competitive. The boat insurance coverage is provided with NautiMax program available from Aviva.

  • Aviva Canada provides topnotch and customizable boat insurance coverage at highly competitive rates.
  • The boat insurance coverage protection is designed to eliminate all your stress and it is available from NautiMax boat insurance program provided by Aviva.
  • A lot of optional benefits and features are available to make customizing your insurance policy a breeze.
  • The emergency towing feature comes to your rescue with Aviva’s Marine Assistance Program if you get stranded on water.
  • Even if you have a claim, Aviva Canada provides a way for you to still enjoy the water by temporarily replacing your boat while also repairing the damaged boat.
  • You don’t only have the option for personal property protection for your boat, you can further protect your sailboat cradle and trailer
  • The plan also provides experienced claims experts 24/7. The experts understand how trailers work and also this feature is backed by the claims service satisfaction guarantee.
  • Money saving discounts are provided to the insured if he is claims-free, or has more than one policy with Aviva, operator’s experience or boat training.

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