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Blue Vision Plan

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Blue Cross Blue Vision – An All-Inclusive Disability Plan for your Needs

Some businesses do not offer group benefits. Employees in such business should seriously consider an alternative for disability insurance. Such employees, and even self-employed people and business owners, need a robust disability insurance plan such as Blue Vision Plan that will take care of their unique needs and align with their budget.

Blue Cross Blue Vision Plan can offer the insured up to $10,000 each month if disabled. The amount of coverage depends on three important factors such as the current health condition of the insured, his age as well as his type of occupation. The disability coverage can help you to recover your independence and autonomy.

What Makes Blue Vision Plan Exceptional

Some of the interesting features that make this disability insurance to stand out include the flexible benefit periods and waiting periods. The plan also includes an option for a refund of premium as well as regular occupation option. In a nutshell, you can customize your insurance plan to suit your exact needs and requirements with Blue Vision Plan.

  • Blue Vision plan is unique for its flexibility. The plan has a flexible benefit and waiting periods.
  • To be eligible for this plan, you must benefit from the meaning of hospital and health insurance in your province and you must not be disabled or hospitalized on the day the contract takes effect.
  • This contract is renewable. It is renewed on the exact date you initiated it each year.
  • Some of the benefits that come with this plan include automatic benefit increase, increase in benefit, return-to-work bonus.
  • If the insured is disabled as a result of organ transplant, you can enjoy a disability benefit related to organ donation. This benefit only holds if you become disabled at least 12 months after your disability insurance becomes effective.
  • You can enjoy the waiver of premiums benefit if you become disabled before your 60th birthday. This implies that you will no longer be required to pay premiums for the coverage as long as you remain disabled.
  • You can customize the plan to suit your needs with the Regular Occupation and Premium Refund options available in the plan.

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