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IA Acci7 Accident Insurance

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Protect Yourself with Acci7 Accident Insurance Plan

Chances are that your employer’s insurance or group plan is not enough to sufficiently cover you and your family. You could leverage IA Excellence Acci7  Accident Insurance coverage to supplement the plan and adequately protect your family and yourself against accident and health issues.

IA Excellence Acci7 Coverage is a Simplified Issue Accident Insurance plan.

This means that no medical exam is required to apply for this plan. This makes it easy to apply and to obtain adequate protection without consideration of your present state of health. It is also a very affordable plan, requiring as low as $7 per month to provide you and your family a robust protection.

Coverage Options and Features in IA Acci7 Accident Insurance

This plan includes several mouthwatering benefits. The insured is eligible for $7000 in a benefit for a premium of $7 a month and $14,000 in benefits for a premium of $14 a month on Accidental Fracture. A benefit of $70,000 for a $7 a month is provided in the event of accidental death, dismemberment or loss of use.

  • It is a simplified issue plan. Thus, no medical exam is required for registration.
  • The plan can be easily renewed.
  • The insured is guaranteed to receive his benefit within 7 business days.
  • The insured is protected in case of disability when an accident results in dismemberment, hospitalization, fracture, major laceration, and major burn.

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