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Acci-Jet Program

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Get Insured Against Disability with Acci-Jet Program

No one desires an accident but it does occur without giving warning notes. For efficient treatment and recovery in case of an accident, you need a reliable insurance coverage such as Acci-Jet program. This program provides you the financial assistance you need while recovering from the injury.

IA Acci-Jet Program makes it possible for the insured to easily get back to his feet after an accident or adjust to his new condition. The financial protection required by the insured is comprehensively provided, yet no medical exam is required from the insured.

Features Available in the IA Acci-Jet Program

With the tax-free benefit payment provided to the insured in the Acci-Jet Program, the insured can take care of his financial needs and hospitalization and also have the time to recover. The insured can even add some additional options to the plan to further enhance his coverage.

  • You don’t need a medical exam to apply for this plan.
  • In case of disability, the insured will be paid a tax-free monthly benefit.
  • The insured can either choose benefit payment period of 2 to 5 years or wait until he clocks 70.
  • The policy can be easily renewed.
  • The premium is calculated based on the occupation of the insured.
  • Complementary services, such as a partial return of paid premiums, can be added to the plan.
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