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The Right Coverage You Need When Visiting Canada

Whether you are visiting Canada for the first time or coming to Canada after spending a long time abroad, RSA’s visitor to Canada travel insurance is the perfect insurance coverage for you. This plan is both for foreign visitors and returning Canadians. It provides a reliable support for medical emergencies and also offers a convenient and comprehensive coverage. Visitor to Canada insurance offers very seamless feature and super-easy enrollment. It is designed to meet the requirements of super-visa and the coverage can be reissued every year for the entire duration of the visa. You can also opt for this plan if you are in Canada on a work visa and is for both individuals and family.

Benefits and Features

The visitor to Canada insurance provides awesome advantages to the RSA’s partners. For instance, the plan provides training information to help you and your staff become experts in the product. Enrollment is made easy and rapid with the web based system and quality services can be guaranteed with the online tools and marketing collaterals.

  • This plan is designed for foreign and returning Canadians of all ages who need emergency medical coverage while in Canada, whether they are visiting or returning.
  • The plan is designed for people in Canada on a work visa, people without travel insurance, or those without emergency medical coverage waiting for their provincial health plan to take effect.
  • The plan offers a lot of benefits to RSA partners. For instance, it provides web-enabled sales system to make enrolment easy, online tools and marketing collaterals, training information, direct access to RSA’s dedicated service teams for procedural, product and technical support.
  • Clients can benefit from the multi-lingual capabilities provided 24/7, quick enrollment with great convenience and so forth.
  • The coverage is designed to meet the requirements of super-visa and also the plan offers deductible options to meet all budgets.
  • You can opt for individual coverage or coverage for the immediate family.
  • You can also purchase an additional policy if you intend to stay in Canada for more than a year.
  • It allows you to come and go as you want in Canada and your coverage will follow you.
  • Visitors of various ages can opt for coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions. The ages involved include 49 and under, 50 to 79, and 80 and over.



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