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The Best Option to Secure Your Vacant Buildings Vacant buildings are prone to dilapidation, corrosion, burglary and several other menaces. The building should be checked often and on to ensure that every property is in order. Renovations should also be made in a vacant building as often as possible. However, these ideals are seldom achieved especially if the vacant building is not managed by a company. With Premier’s vacant building insurance, you can adequately protect the vacant building. Premier provides one of the most robust and flexible vacant building insurance in Canada. The plan ensures no ruin or damage to the vacant building. To procure this plan, you need to enroll or apply for it. Some information about the insured and the vacant building are asked in the application form and the information is used to tailor the insurance plan to the exact requirement of the insured.

Features and Targets of Premier Vacant Building Insurance

The vacant building insurance targets some specific kinds of properties including properties or buildings up for sale, vacant condos, properties awaiting a new tenant, vacant mobile homes, and properties awaiting new owner to move in. A robust insurance coverage is guaranteed on each of the buildings covered by the plan.

  • The vacant building insurance can span for either three or six months. You are at liberty to choose the option that best suits your needs.
  • New homes can enjoy replacement cost on the vacant building insurance plan.
  • The vacant building insurance targets various kinds of buildings including dwellings up for sale, dwellings awaiting a new tenant, buildings awaiting new owner to move in, vacant condos, and vacant mobile homes.
  • The application process for the vacant building insurance is very simple and easy to follow. The insured will be provided a questionnaire to fill up information about himself and the building to insure.


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