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Excellent Tenant Insurance Plan Tenants may run into a number of liabilities that requires a lot of expenditures that could eat deeply into their personal savings. A tenant is held responsible for the damage he caused on someone else’s property or on the landlord’s property. Without adequate insurance coverage, such liability could be really difficult to handle but Premier Marine provides a remarkable coverage to help you meet your needs. The tenant insurance targets first-time tenants, especially those with a history of loss. It can protect you sufficiently and help you deal with all kinds of liability, risk, and damage. It also targets tenants whose tenant package is canceled due to non-payment.

Features and Benefits of Premier Tenant Insurance

The tenant insurance plan is robust, flexible and easy to leverage. Its application process is simple and seamless. This makes it easy for any tenant, especially first-time tenants, to easily enroll in this plan. It also includes flexible underwriting and quick turnarounds.

  • The insurance plan includes a number of benefits and clauses such as roof restriction clauses, earthquake or volcanic eruption endorsement and so forth.
  • The program targets applicants with a history of loss and first-time tenants.
  • The plan is not available for applicants in New Brunswick.
  • It features a very easy, seamless and simple application process.
  • The plan has flexible features and flexible underwriting.
  • The claims turnaround times for this insurance plan is very quick.

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