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Top notch Coverage for Rented Dwellings All types of homes whether rented or non-rented are prone to risks. In a rented apartment, both the landlord and the tenants are subject to several kinds of risks. Some of the perils may be named but a few others may not, this is where adequate rented dwellings insurance plan is required. Premier group provides such an insurance plan to help you secure and protect your dwelling. Premier provides really effective and reliable rented dwellings insurance plan designed to meet all your specific needs. It covers all types of dwellings and properties. Properties like stand-alone rented dwellings, short-term rentals, rooming houses, condos rented to others, residential dwellings with several units and so forth, are protected in this plan.

Benefits and Features of Rented Dwellings Insurance

Liabilities of all kinds can occur in a rented dwelling, this is why Premier’s rented dwelling insurance is provided. The plan will protect you from all kinds of liability. It guarantees adequate protection for all kinds of apartments and dwellings including homes and condos. It also covers residential dwellings with multi-units.

  • All kinds of properties are covered in this plan such as condos and homes.
  • It provides sufficient protection for all kinds of rented stand-alone dwellings or homes.
  • Rooming houses and properties with absentee landlords can also be protected in this plan.
  • Named perils, replacement cost and loss of rental income are available in this plan.
  • Rented dwellings insurance provides seamless and easy-to-enroll features. You only need to provide a few details in the questionnaire to apply for this plan.

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