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Protect Your Off-Road Vehicles Easily With the Efficient Plan Snowmobiles, ATVs and off-road vehicles are really essential vehicles used for recreational purposes but these vehicles could be costly and should be adequately secured at all times. This is why Premier Marine provides reliable off-road, ATV and snowmobile insurance plan to help you to adequately secure your recreational vehicles at affordable costs. This insurance plan sufficiently covers snowmobiles, ATVs and off-road vehicles used exclusively for private pleasures. The coverage for this plan includes all risks and the vehicles covered include those provided in Premier’s MOTORPRO brochure for licensed street motorcycles. It also includes a zero hassle annual policy with a span of 12 months.

Features, Discounts, and Benefits Available in the Premier Off-road Vehicle Insurance

The insured in this policy is expected to be at least 30 years of age, not have more than 2 moving violations in the last 5 years and zero major driving violation within the same span of time. Furthermore, the plan provides discounts to the insured if he is a mature rider or has multiple units.

  • The insurance plan covers snowmobiles, ATVs and off-road motorcycles, especially those listed in the MOTORPRO brochure.
  • All risks are covered by this plan.
  • The plan is a no hassle 12-month annual policy.
  • Some of the benefits included in this plan are reward coverage of $500, lock re-keying for $500, riding gear coverage of $1,000. Others include trailer coverage and truck deck coverage and standard deductible.
  • To enroll in this plan, the insured must be at least 30 years, have at most 2 minor moving violation and no major driving violation in the last five years, at most one fault motor accidents in the last 5 years, and never had insurance canceled or refused.
  • Discounts are offered to the insured if he is a mature rider, a member of an association or a club, or has multiple units.

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