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The Best Insurance for High-Value Homes Risks can occur in any type of home, including high and low values. The value of high-valued homes in Canada can vary from $850,000 to $25,000,000. A lot of risks can also occur and the property can dilapidate if not properly catered for. This is why Premier Marine’s High-Value Homes insurance is designed to help protect all kinds of high valued homes in Canada. Premier Marine provides a highly flexible and easily obtainable “High-Value Home” insurance. The insurance plan is easy to procure and includes a lot of interesting features. In addition, a questionnaire on the high-value home and short-term rental are required to enroll in this insurance plan.

Targets and Features of High-Value Home Insurance

The features and optional coverage included in Premier’s high-value home insurance are awesome. The insurance plan offers the insured the benefits of identity fraud protection, deductible waiver for losses above $50,000, personal liability insurance and also optional coverage such as overland water coverage and mechanical breakdown endorsement.

  • The plan is designed to protect high valued homes sufficiently. It also includes competitive terms for preferred V.I.P accounts.
  • Hard to place high-value risks like loss frequency, unprotected risks, foreign ownership, log construction, heritage homes, vacant, and short-term rental properties are provided creative solutions in this insurance plan.
  • It is the best plan to protect high valued homes worth between $850,000 and $25,000,000.
  • The plan also includes optional coverages such as overland water coverage and mechanical breakdown endorsement.
  • Identity fraud and personal liability insurance features are also provided in this plan.
  • The Premier high valued home is not available in New Brunswick.

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