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The Home Insurance for Canadian Frequent Travelers

If you travel frequently, you might need to worry about your traditional home insurance plan. Some insurers will limit or even deny you your coverage if your property is vacant for more than 30 days.
CSA Home Insurance is the best insurance plan you need for your home if you are a Canadian snowbird.
The plan will help you maintain full coverage on your properties when you travel. This plan offers a lot of interesting features and perks. For instance, there is no service fee for monthly pre-authorized installments and you can earn air miles reward miles based on your property premiums with RSA. In addition, it offers hassle-free claims service, $500 service guarantee if RSA does not return your call on a new claim within 6 hours.

Features and Benefits

The home insurance has seamless payment options, premium discounts, and also includes pet insurance, identity theft program, telephone legal assistance, umbrella liability, and up to $2,000,000 liability. In addition, the plan also provides coverage for parents in nursing homes at no additional charge.

  • With CSA home insurance, you can maintain full coverage on your properties even when you travel out of Canada for up to 6 months.
  • Up to $2 million liability can be provided at no extra charge.
  • It gives you the opportunity to purchase an additional layer of liability up to $5,000,000 which can cover your car, watercraft, home and recreational vehicle.
  • You can easily access telephone legal assistance.
  • It also provides coverage for identity theft at no charge as well as pet insurance.
  • It covers parents in nursing homes at no extra charge.
  • The plan does not include any service fee for monthly pre-authorized installments.
  • Furthermore, you can earn air miles reward miles based on your property premium with RSA.
  • If RSA fails to return your call on a new claim within 6 hours, they will pay you $500 without asking a question, this is guaranteed by the $500 service guarantee.
  • You can also benefit from the instant claims response, friendly and courteous quotations and caring customer service.


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