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The Auto Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds

As a snowbird, you might likely spend up to six months a year traveling, especially during winter. Most Canadian snowbirds travel to the United States and some take their vehicles with them. The danger of taking your vehicle as you travel is that the insurance cost may go up or your coverage may be limited. In some cases, surcharges may even apply if you stay for an extended time. However, Medipac CSA Auto Insurance eliminates this hurdle and can help you to make the most of your trip. The CSA auto insurance eliminates every iota of surcharge when you travel with your vehicle to the United States temporarily. In addition, you can maintain your full and comprehensive coverage on your properties. Furthermore, this coverage comes with instant claims response, caring customer service, and friendly and courteous quotations, helping you to maximize your coverage.

Features and Benefits

The CSA auto insurance is unlike any other auto insurance policy. It offers both innovative and comprehensive quality service in one pack, allowing you to make the most of each moment with this coverage. The plan also offers lifetime guarantee repair program, valet claims service at no extra charge and many other interesting features.

  • If auto insurance does not include a surcharge if your vehicle is temporarily taken into the United States. It also maintains a full coverage on your properties.
  • Upon request, a $2 million liability limit could be made available.
  • The plan offers several discounts such as the multi-vehicle, multi-line and the retiree discounts.
  • People who use the RSA preferred repair facilities and go on insuring with RSA can benefit from the lifetime guarantee repair program.
  • The plan also includes quick and convenient repair appraisals. This involves guaranteeing that your automobiles will be properly and quickly repaired using digital technology.
  • The plan packages loss of use and liability for damage to non-owned automobiles in a convenient premium.
  • It also includes a valet claims service that does not involve any extra charge.
  • You can also benefit from the instant claims response, friendly and courteous quotations and caring customer service.


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