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Why your Home needs Ground Water Insurance?

Most home insurance coverage does not include groundwater insurance but the fact that groundwater could cause a serious problem in a home cannot be overemphasized. Water damage as a result of groundwater is a common phenomenon. When it occurs in a home, such water damage could lead to a devastating loss. The interiors of a home are the major target of water damage through ground water. Once an area is prone to damage through ground water, it may be difficult to mitigate the loss. However, with an adequate insurance plan offered by Intact, you can protect your home as well as properties within your home.

Features and Benefits

The ground water insurance plan is an optional coverage but usually, it comes handy due to the necessity of protecting a home against ground water damage. It offers robust protection with remarkable benefits that can help you cater for the loss.

  • This insurance plan is usually an optional package but can come handy in protecting your home.
  • You can customize your existing insurance plan with this plan as an addendum to improve your home insurance.
  • The broker services provided by Intact will help you determine the best insurance plan for you.
  • You can leverage the services of Intact insurance to save your time, money and resources.



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