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A Robust Insurance For Golf Tournaments

Golf games and tournaments usually involve mouthwatering prices. Golf lovers would definitely want to enroll in your tournament but the attached prizes are the main thing that would attract the attention of all and sundry. However, it takes tenacity and temerity to offer such prizes especially when you don’t know the expected outcome. Aviva’s hole-in-one insurance can help reduce the uncertainty in the process by protecting your golf tournaments.
Aviva’s Hole-in-one insurance protects you no matter the purpose of the golf tournament.
It is affordable, flexible and robust insurance which aims at helping you to generate a lot of revenues for the event and also attract a greater number of golfers. As a matter of fact, Aviva can help you make the golf event highly important and necessary.

Features and Benefits

The Aviva Hole-in-One Insurance is designed to help you save and also maximize your return on investment.

These are achieved with its several interesting and enticing features such as exceptional discounts, very low premiums as well as the rain-check coverage.

  • With Aviva Canada’s hole-in-one insurance, you can improve your return on investment and minimize your loss.
  • The insurance plan is very affordable and makes it easy for you to give out prices and big offers such as cash, cars, boats and so forth without worries.
  • The insurance plan comes with a low premium. This makes it easy for you to save a lot of money with the coverage.
  • Aviva offers mouthwatering and competitive discounts which aim at helping you to maximize your savings for the golf tournament or event. To qualify for the discount, you should have ranges beyond 185 yards or less than 80 amateur players.
  • The rain-check coverage ensures that you have the maximum coverage even if your tournament is postponed or canceled as a result of rain.


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