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A Combined and Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Aviva auto and home insurance plans are robust and excellent but most homeowners are also vehicle owners. It is a lot costlier and unorganized to purchase these two separate plans even when you are only a single individual. This is why Aviva Canada came up with the Combine & Save insurance plan that can be leveraged to combine the benefits of auto and home insurance plans. Aviva’s Combine & Save offers so many additional features, coverage and can help you to save more money while guaranteeing robust and sufficient protection. It is a manageable, organized and highly cost-effective plan. With the two plans combined, you can save more money and enjoy more benefits than with the separate individual plans.

Features and Benefits

Aviva Canada’s combine & save is not available in all Canadian provinces but only in select provinces. In addition, the features and discounts are also not the same for all provinces. However, for each province, the insured can enjoy better convenience, savings, and coverage.

  • The policy documents come in a single package and the policy effective dates are aligned to make it even more convenient for you.
  • The plan features a greater convenience, coverage and also savings.
  • With this plan, you can enjoy 10% discount on automobile coverage and 15% discount on every principal home location.
  • You also enjoy a lot of added features with this plan such as single deductible endorsement, halo assistance program and identity theft light coverage.
  • You don’t just combine your auto and home insurance but you can also add any of the following: cottage, ATV, snowmobile, rental property and another auto.



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