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The Perfect Auto Coverage for Classic Cars

Your classic cars are obviously your treasure possession; they cost a lot of money and are highly valuable. You surely don’t want anything to happen to your vintage cars, do you? Why don’t you protect your vintage vehicles with the adequate classic car insurance and secure your investment for a lifetime? Luckily for you, Allstate has partnered with Hagerty to provide you the best car insurance services at a wonderful rate with exceptional and flexible features. Allstate provides a number of coverage options and features to help you make the most of your car insurance coverage. These coverage options are specially designed for you, they were created with you and your collector car in mind. The plan provides a guaranteed value coverage. This implies that you will not have to face any surprise when you make a claim, you will receive the value stated in the policy less any deductible that may apply.

Other Coverage Features and Benefits

The classic car insurance offers oodles of benefits and features. The coverage options include collection coverage, competitive premiums, flexible usage, no appraisal required, repair shop choice, and so forth. You can also opt for optional coverage to further customize your plan; the optional coverage include cherished salvage, automatic new purchase coverage, market appreciation coverage, and Hagerty plus-roadside service.

  • Allstate partnered with Hagerty in order to deliver an exceptional and flexible car insurance service at a great rate to the insured.
  • The plan offers several coverage options such as guaranteed value coverage, value expertise, no appraisal required, competitive premiums, repair shop choice, to mention a few.
  • The guaranteed value coverage ensures that you will receive the stated value less any deduction application if you have a claim for a covered loss.
  • The no appraisal required saves you time and money because no appraisal is required if the agreed value of your vintage car reflects verifiable market value.
  • Allstate offers oodles of optional coverage such as cherished salvage, automatic new purchase coverage, market appreciation coverage, and Hagerty plus-roadside service.



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