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GMS health insurance plan

Learn about GMS Health Insurance Plan

Following the merger of a physician-sponsored health insurance plan and a subscriber cooperative medical insurance, GMS was founded in Saskatchewan in 1949. Furthermore, GMS Insurance formed a wholly owned subsidiary, GMS Insurance Inc., with the aim of expanding and diversifying its operations from Saskatchewan to other parts of Canada. Today, GMS Insurance provides its insurance products to virtually every Canadian province including Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. It also provides its services to the three Canadian territories including Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

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What Does GMS Insurance Group Benefit Cover?

GMS insurance has been providing group benefits to businesses across Canada since 1949. The group plans offered by GMS can be tailored to your needs. The group plans offered by GMS insurance include:

  • Group Advantage: for companies with 3-10 employees.
  • Custom group benefit plans: for companies with more than 11 employees.

The custom group benefit plans include life & disability coverage.

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What are the Different Health Insurance Plans Offered by GMS

GMS Insurance offers several health plans. The health insurance ensures that you are covered for medical emergencies, drugs, dental costs, and your daily health needs. Basically, the health coverage here includes personal health and replacement health coverage.

  • The personal health coverage includes the Omni plan, the ExtendaPlan, the BasicPlan and additional coverage which are optional coverages including dental care, prescription drugs, travel medical and hospital cash.
  • The replacement health coverage includes the PremierPlan, the ChoicePlan, and the EssentialPlan.

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News about GMS Insurance

GMS Insurance is committed to improving trauma care in Regina’s hospitals. The insurer invited the community to help it improve trauma care across hospitals in the Regina community. GMS announced on April 19, 2017, its $1 million matching donations aimed at supporting the HRF’s new Trauma Care Campaign.

Furthermore, GMS Insurance promises to match donations up to $1 million to the HRF Trauma Care Campaign through the GMS Trauma Care Fund. In other words, every donation from the community will have a double impact. The fund is intended at supporting the growing needs in hospitals across Regina to equip nurses and doctors with the requisite technologies they need to provide patients with life-saving critical care.

The president and CEO of GMS Insurance, John Salmond expressed how much the company cares about the community and is proud to invest in the HRF’s Trauma Care Campaign. He also pointed out that the company is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the community.

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GMS Insurance FAQ

What happens when I move out of the province?

The GMS plan will cover you for the rest of the month plus two additional months when you move out of province. You are required to have a valid personal health coverage within 2 months of moving out of your province. You may need to pay an additional premium or get a refund, depending on the province you move to. Also, ensure you inform GMS about your new address.

What is Hospital Cash?

Hospital Cash is a benefit provided by GMS Insurance that can be purchased with OmniPlan, ExtendaPlan, and BasicPlan.

Do GMS’ eligibility requirements applicable to all applicants, irrespective of their age?

Yes. The eligibility requirements apply to all applicants irrespective of their age. For instance, when applying for an underage child, the parent or guardian are required to declare that the child meets the eligibility requirements.

What happens if my health changes after I have applied for GMS coverage?

If your health changes after you applied for coverage and before the effective date of the coverage, you are required to notify GMS of such changes. Your eligibility for coverage may be affected by a change in your health status. In some cases, you even necessitate a different premium rate. Moreover, even if a change in health does not affect either of these, it may limit your available coverage and result to a change in stability.

I won’t use some portions of my personal health plan, can I remove them?

No, you cannot customize your personal health plan. This is because the plans are priced and rated based on their consistency for all members. Furthermore, even if you do not use any benefit in your BasicPlan, ExtendaPlan or OmniPlan, they are not refundable. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that such benefits are available for you to use anytime you want.

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