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As protectionist walls go up around the United States, French president Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hope to expand trade between their countries. Today, France has become the number one travel destination for Canadians traveling to Europe.

Many Canadians love to visit Paris, regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world. The France capital has several notable landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, quaint bistros and wineries, and several other historical sites.

Since 2010, more than 500,000 Canadians visit France every year. The figure has increased over the years, with the exception of 2012 where a slight drop was recorded. Statistics on European popular travel destination for Canadians in 2014 shows that France is the most visited with 739,608 visits, followed by Italy (481,650 visits), the UK (469,000 visits) and so forth.

When visiting France, it is necessary to have adequate France travel insurance to cover medical emergencies. This is necessary because healthcare costs can go so high that you may be stuck without adequate travel insurance.

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Some Important Information on France Travel Insurance that We Think You’ll Want to Know Before You Travel

Currency Euro
Most common languages spoken French
Capital Paris
Continent Europe
Population Approx. 67 million
Plug type Plug type E
Driving side Right-hand side
Seasons Spring – March to May

Summer – June to August

Autumn – September to November

Winter – December to February

Laws Local laws and customs


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Do You Need a Visa for France Travel?

Being a Schengen area country, Canadian citizens are not required to hold a visa while entering France. However, this applies only to stays up to 90 days in any 180-day period. You will need a visa if you intend to stay in the Schengen area longer.

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Important Travel Information and Things to Consider When Getting France Travel Insurance

If you are traveling to France, you are responsible for your safety abroad. However, we provide timely and reliable Travel Advice to guide you throughout your stay. This will also help you to make an informed decision with respect to your travel.

Risk Level(s)

France – Exercise a high degree of caution

Due to the current heightened terrorism threats, you need to exercise a high degree of caution in France.

Entry/exit requirements

Countries determine who enter or leave their territory. If you fail to meet the entry or exit requirements, the government will not interfere on your behalf.

The information on this page was obtained from the France authorities, however, it can change at any time. Moreover, you can verify the information with foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Canada.


The type of passport you use for your travel determines the entry requirement. Check transportation companies about the passport requirements before you travel.

Regular Canadian Passport

You need to hold a valid passport for a minimum of 3 months beyond the date you expect to leave the Schengen area.

Official Canadian Passport

Different rules may apply. Learn more about official travel here.

Other travel documents

When traveling with an emergency travel document or a temporary passport, the entry rules may differ. Check the closet diplomatic mission for France before you leave.

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Learn more about France Healthcare Details and France Travel Insurance

There are both private and government-run healthcare services in France. The standard for healthcare in France could be very high but the cost of medical treatment could also be equally high. This is why you need France travel insurance to cater for the cost of medical emergencies and accidents while in France.

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France Travel Insurance News

Canadian globetrotters avoid traveling to countries like Afghanistan and Iran due to the high risk of terrorism, kidnappings and violent crimes in those regions but then countries like France, England, and Thailand are not-so-obvious tourist hot spots that come with travel cautions.

France, England, and Thailand are popular destinations for Canadians but the government of Canada advice Canadians to exercise a high degree of caution when traveling there due to ongoing terrorism in the region.

The Canadian government advice Canadians to skip countries like Iraq, Puerto Rico, North Korea, Dominica, Virgin Islands, Afghanistan, Chad, Syria, Somalia, Saint Martin, and Dominica. Some of these countries do not even have a Canadian embassy. However, Canadians are advised to use a high degree of caution when traveling in China, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Brazil, England, France, Belgium, Mexico, Thailand, Iran, Haiti, and Russia.

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France Travel Insurance FAQ

Can I buy multiple travel insurance policies?

You can buy more than one travel insurance policy but from different travel insurance companies if the benefits offered by one policy do not satisfy you.

Does travel insurance cover doctor visits?

You may need to visit a doctor when traveling to France. France travel insurance plans cover doctor visits and other outpatient services.

Can I buy travel insurance the day I leave?

Yes, you can buy travel insurance the day you leave. In fact, some insurers offer usage-based policies that can be purchased on the go.

How long does a travel insurance claim take?

If you submit the necessary documents to your travel insurer, it may take 10 to 14 business days to receive an outcome. The time required depends on the type of claim.

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