How does Insurdinary work

Insurdinary is the best performing Insurance product comarison platform.

STEP 1. Select the insurance product you need.

STEP 2. Fill out the form with your correct contact information

STEP 3. An experienced and knowledgeable Insurdinary representative will contact you  and connect you to a licensed insurance broker anywhere in Canada and the USA  to help you select the best insurance product at the lowest rate possible.

STEP 4. Live your life to the fullest, with the knowledge that you are taken care of.

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What kind of Life insurance should I select

Life insurance: Is term life always enough?

Most families are better off buying cheap, straightforward term insurance, but there are situations where universal or whole life policies make sense.

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If someone you care about depends on your salary, then life insurance is not an option: it’s essential. If you die prematurely without the proper coverage, your spouse and kids may be left without any means to pay the mortgage or buy groceries.

But what kind should you get? The most popular is term life: you pay a fixed premium that covers you for a specific period, usually 10 or 20 years. The other major category is called permanent life insurance, because the coverage continues for life. Within the permanent insurance category there are two types: whole life and universal life (see “Whole vs. universal life” below). Permanent policies typically have an investment component as well as the insurance, and a “cash surrender value” if you cancel them.

What is 2 way car insurance

Two-way insurance offers protection for damage to your vehicle in addition to mandatory coverage. You can design a policy that fits your needs and the way you use your car as well as your budget.

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Why use insurance comparison platform

Just fill out our insurance form and click ‘Compare‘ to find your quotes. Insurance rates are based on the assumption that user’s personal details are of the average Canadian or USA.  We work with the best insurance companies in the industry and  comparing rates  on our  platform is the only way to get the best deal. It’s time to get your cheap on.

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