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Empire Life Employee Benefits Plan

Empire Life Employee Benefit Plan Overview

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Your employees are definitely your most important assets and you don’t just need to make sure that they stick with your company, you need to ensure that they are satisfied with your organization. By achieving high employee satisfaction, you can go a long way to achieve increased productivity, results and success in your business. You will also be able to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of your employees and ultimately retain the best people.

Your competitors are definitely looking to hire the best skills, so you should take it seriously. If you are looking for a great group benefits package for your employees, you should seriously consider Empire Life employee benefit plan. The group benefit plan is designed to be customizable and to suit the needs of your organization and also your customers.

Furthermore, Empire Life employee benefit plan includes health and dental plans that can protect your employees and their loved ones. This will ensure that your employees are entirely focused on your business and minimize distractions. You can even design the plan in such a way that your employees can maintain their coverage when they retire or leave your organization.

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Empire Life Employee Benefit Plan Details

Empire Life has a lot of products and services in its group or employee benefits packages. These products and services are designed to help you to make the most of what the insurer has to offer and to benefit tremendously from the package.

The products include Best Doctors service, BeneFit, 20Plus, Cost Plus, Critical Illness Insurance, Dental Benefits, Disability Benefits, Drug Benefit, eClaims, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Expatriate Benefits, Extended Health Benefits, Health Care Essentials, Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), Healthcare Pooling, Incidental Health Expense, Life / Accidental Death and dismemberment and Travel Emergency Assistance.

The Best Doctors service provides several areas of service such as InterConsultation, FindBestDoc, FindBestCare, Best Doctors 360, and Medical Record eSummary.

Empire Life critical illness coverage pays a face amount up to $250,000 or as much as $500,000 when combined with employee-paid optional critical illness.

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Empire Life Employee Benefit News

Empire Life included Best Doctors services to all of its group plans with extended health benefits starting from December 1, 2018. This is as a result of its goal to make group benefits fast, easy and simple for Canadians. Including the Best Doctors services in the group plans makes the plan convenient and helps people to get the right treatment, diagnosis and therefore, peace of mind.

The Best Doctors services include InterConsultation, FindBestDoc, FindBestCare, Best Doctors 360, as well as, Medical Records eSummary.

In InterConsultation, a leading expert will carry out a proper analysis of the employee’s medical data which includes test results, diagnostic imaging and pathology samples. FindBestDoc helps you to search for the right specialists and provides a comprehensive report to employees to share with treating physicians.

Furthermore, FindBestCare can assist employees to get specialist service outside Canada by searching a global database of more than 50,000 physicians in over 450 specialties and subspecialties.

Employees can get up to three years of their medical history in a convenient and secure digital file with the Medical Record eSummary.

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Empire Life Employee Benefit FAQ

What is an eClaim?

eClaims allow employees to make a claim anytime and anywhere. It provides a convenient way to go about the claims process and there is no need for a stamp, no trip to the post office and no waiting.

What products are covered in the Empire Life group benefit?

Empire Life’s group benefit covers several products such as drug benefits, 20Plus, cost plus, BeneFit, critical illness insurance, expatriate benefits, employee assistance program (EAP), life and AD&D, incidental health expense, disability benefits, dental benefits, health care spending account (HCSA), extended health benefits, eClaims, best doctors, and many more.

What is the BeneFit?

The BeneFit is designed for businesses comprises from 2 to 19 employees. It is a smart, easy and simplified plan option that offers cost-effective and no-hassle protection.

What is Best Doctor service and what does it cover?

Best Doctors service help employees and their loved ones to get access to world-leading experts to help them access and navigate the complex healthcare system. This will help them to get the right treatment, diagnosis, and peace of mind. Best Doctor service has five areas of services which include InterConsultation, FindBestDoc, FindBestCare, Best Doctors 360, and Medical Record eSummary.

What is covered in Empire Life critical illness insurance?

Empire Life critical illness insurance covers 31 health conditions which include traditional and enhanced critical illness. The face amount covered by critical illness insurance is up to $250,000. You can access up to $500,000 when you combine with employee paid Optional CI.

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