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Driver Disability Insurance

Why Get Driver Disability Insurance

A driver could be a chauffeur, truck driver, motorman or bus driver, depending on the type of vehicle he drives. Obviously, the driver’s ability to drive is his greatest asset. He may not earn an income if he’s unable to drive.

Drivers are faced with a lot of risks while driving. Injuries of various kinds could arise in the process and this could result in a disability. This is why you need driver disability insurance. With driver disability insurance, you secure your finances and get up to 60 percent of your salary when you are disabled.

To get the best driver disability insurance, it is important to shop around and compare policy options. Comparing policy options could, sometimes, feel like comparing apples to orange, this is why you should take advantage of Insurdinary’s extensive resources. Call Insurdinary for driver disability insurance available to Canadians. When you call Insurdinary, we will connect you to our reliable insurance advisors who will guide you to choose the best driver income replacement plan.

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The Difference between Long- & Short-Term Driver Disability Insurance

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Driver Short Term Disability Insurance

If you are disabled for just a short period of time, you need a short-term disability insurance policy. Short term driver DI provides financial protection for disabilities that lasts for just about 30 days to one year. However, the exact number of days for short-term disability insurance depends on the insurance provider and will be specified in the disability insurance policy.

Driver Long Term Disability Insurance

If the injury is severe, it is possible that you might be disabled for a very long time. This is where driver long-term disability insurance comes in. If you already have short-term disability insurance, the long-term disability insurance will take effect when the short-term disability insurance coverage ends. The driver long term coverage may cover you until you reach the age of retirement or until you are healthy enough to resume work.

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What is Covered in Driver Accident Insurance?

Like any other disability insurance policy, driver disability insurance covers disabilities that could arise from illnesses, injuries, and accidents. However, it is also possible that non-illnesses may be covered by the policy; some good examples of such are pregnancy and childbirth.

Furthermore, it is possible that some medical conditions will be excluded from driver disability insurance, depending on the insurance provider. Pre-existing conditions (medical conditions diagnosed before the start date of the driver disability insurance policy) are usually excluded from the policy.

Driver Injury Insurance Coverage:

Coverage for total disability
Partial disability benefits
Retraining benefits and recovery benefits
Driver disability insurance coverage for mental illness
Driver disability insurance coverage for pregnancy
Survivor benefits
Compassionate disability

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Be Prepared for Anything, No Matter Where You Work

You don’t have to lose your salary because of a disability. Get disability insurance today to make sure you are covered wherever you work.

Canadian Institutes for Drivers

Learn about Driver DI

There are a number of driver associations and institutes in Canada. Here are a few of such associations.


    • Ontario Trucking Association – 555 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1H8 – (416) 249-7401


    • Alberta Motor Association – 11220 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2T6 – (780) 430-5555


    • Manitoba Trucking Association – 25 Bunting St, Winnipeg, MB R2X 2P5 – (204) 632-6600


    • BC Trucking Association – 20111 93a Ave # 100, Langley City, BC V1M 4A9 – (604) 888-5319


    • Trucker’s Association Of Nova Scotia – 779 Prince St, Truro, NS B2N 1G7 – (902) 895-7447


    • Saskatchewan Trucking Association – 103 Hodsman Rd, Regina, SK S4N 5W5 – (306) 569-9696


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Canadian Driver Accident Insurance Statistics

There were 1,841 motor vehicle fatalities in 2017. This represents a 2.8 percent decrease from the number in 2016 (1,895). The number of serious injuries decreased from 10,760 in 2016 to 9,960 in 2017, a 7.4 percent decrease.

Furthermore, the lowest number of fatalities per 100,000 population of 5.0 was recorded in 2017 and the number of fatalities per billion vehicle kilometers traveled was lowest in 2017 at 4.8.

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Injuries Drivers Suffer From

While professional drivers are expected to apply several safety tips to minimize or avoid an accident, there are countless records of truck drivers’ involvement in accidents. Some accidents are fatal but for some others, the driver may be injured and this could result in a disability. This is why it is very important for professional drivers to have driver disability insurance to protect their finances against disabilities.

Here are injuries common to drivers:

Falls from elevations
Musculoskeletal disorders of the back, neck and upper extremities
Vehicle-related injuries
Injuries due to being struck by or against objects
Scraps and cuts
Head injuries
Chest injuries
Arm and leg injuries

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Driver Injury Insurance FAQ

Looking for driver disability insurance coverage?

Learn more about how to get the best price driver disability insurance online by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How long can you stay on long-term disability?

The duration of long-term disability insurance depends on the insurance provider. For some, the coverage will last for 2 to 10 years, for some others, it will last until you are healthy enough to resume work. Some coverage lasts until the retirement age.

What medical conditions cover for long-term disability insurance?

Several medical conditions qualify for long-term disability insurance. Examples include brain injuries, cancer, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, back injuries, asthma, bipolar disorder, cerebral palsy, etc.

When should you stop paying disability insurance?

You can forego buying disability insurance if you don’t need to pay for a car or mortgage. You also don’t need to pay for driver disability insurance when you reach the age of retirement – 65 years.

How much should I pay for disability insurance?

Driver disability insurance would typically cost about 1 to 3 percent of your gross annual income. In other words, if you are making $100,000 in a year, you will pay from $1,000 to $3,000 in disability insurance.

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