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Let’s Talk Coverage: Does Renters Insurance Cover Bike Theft?

on 15 May, 2019

Cycling is not only a great way to save money on transportation costs, but it's also a great way to...

fire and smoke damage Renters Insurance

The Roof is On Fire: Does Renters Insurance Cover Fire and Smoke Damage?

on 25 May, 2019

Every year there are around 24,000 home fires in Canada. And just because the fire has been extinguished, that doesn't...

bed bugs Renters Insurance

Let’s Talk Coverage: Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Bed Bugs?

on 19 May, 2019

Vacations are fun... until you get home and realize you've brought a hoard of bed bugs with you. Simply putting...

rental insurance Renters Insurance

Top 10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Require Tenant Rental Insurance

on 10 Jul, 2019

Although nearly 100% of homeowners have home insurance coverage, less than 40% of renters are covered by rental insurance. Although...

renters insurance Renters Insurance

Answering the Big Questions: Should Landlords Require Renters Insurance?

on 2 Jun, 2019

It only takes 30 seconds to lose everything. A small flame only needs half a minute to grow into a ravenous...

How Much is Renters Insurance Renters Insurance

Understanding the Costs: How Much is Renters Insurance?

on 29 May, 2019

If you're a renter, you're responsible for keeping your belongings protected. Whether it's an unexpected leaky pipe or fire, or your...

how much renters insurance do i need Advice & Tips

How Much Renter’s Insurance Do I Need? A Tenant’s Complete Guide to Renter’s Insurance

on 17 May, 2019

About 50% of renters in Canada don't have renter's insurance. And that's bad news if you're the victim of a theft...

condo insurance Home Insurance

Renters Insurance vs Condo Insurance: Which Do You Need?

on 15 May, 2019

  Of the 14 million Canadian households surveyed in the 2016 census, nearly 10 million of them owned their homes....