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CAA Health Insurance

CAA Health Insurance Overview

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Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is a Canadian insurance company aimed at helping Canadians to stay protected, mobile and safe. The company offers several products and services including home and auto insurance, roadside assistance, travel insurance, and travel services.

CAA was founded in 1903 and is basically focused on providing its clients with transportation infrastructure, traffic safety, mobility, and consumer protection. CAA Club Group was formed with the merger of CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) and CAA Manitoba in January 2016.

The former originally had 2 million members while the latter had 200,000 members. However, today, CAA Club Group provides its topnotch services to more than 6 million members across Canada. This implies that one in three households in Canada has a CAA membership.

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Pick the Perfect CAA Health Insurance Plan for You

CAA offers a number of health and dental plans to ensure that all of your needs are met. These health and dental plans are:

  • Health Plans for < 45

  • This includes option 1 (EHC + dental 2), option 2 (EHC + drug 2 + dental 2) and option 3 (EHC + drug 2 + dental 2).
  • Health Plans for 45 – 59

  • This includes option 1 (EHC + drug 1 + dental 1), option 2 (EHC + drug 1 + dental 2), and option 3 (EHC + drug 2 + dental 2).
  • Health Plans for 60 – 64

  • This includes option 1 (EHC), option 2 (EHC + drug 1 + dental 1), and option 3 (EHC + drug 1 + dental 2).
  • Health Plans for 65+

  • This includes option 1 (EHC), option 2 (EHC + dental 2), and option 3 (EHC + drug 1 + dental 1).
  • Health Plans for the Self-Employed

  • This includes option 1 (EHC + drug 1 + dental 1), option 2 (EEHC + drug 3 + dental 2), and option 3 (EEHC + drug 3 + dental 3).
  • FollowMe Health

  • This includes basic, enhanced, enhanced plus and premiere coverage.

What are the other CAA Insurance plans?

The other CAA insurance offers are life and critical illness coverage. These life insurance plans have sub-categories which have several benefits.

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CAA Health Insurance News

The fourth annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index released on May 1, 2018, reported that CAA is the most trusted brand in Canada. According to the CAA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Walker, that was a testament to the dedication of the company’s network of CAA associates in clubs across the country

The fourth annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index was conducted by the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. The Gustavson Brand Trust Index asked over 6,300 consumers to score up to 299 renowned companies and brands in Canada. The companies and brands were selected across 26 industry sectors based on a range of brand value measures.

Walker pointed out that the company is proud of their pioneering services which include insurance, travel, emergency roadside assistance, and member rewards. The company was rated second last year and it finished first in the insurance sub-category of the current year’s index.

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CAA Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I customize my health and dental plan?

CAA allows you to customize your health and dental plan to your needs and those of your dependents and family members. You can do this by choosing options for prescription drugs and dental expenses after choosing your base plan.

How do I apply to CAA insurance?

You can apply by either following a simple instruction online or calling 1-888-334-4561 to apply over the phone. You can also ask for a brochure on any of the products.

What payment options are available to me?

CAA provides three convenient payment options as follows:

  1. Pay annually by cheque.
  2. Annually or monthly by credit card.
  3. Directly from your chequing account through monthly pre-authorized debit.
Are there savings for non-smokers?

Yes. Non-smokers can significantly reduce their premiums in CAA life insurance.

How do I submit my claims for health and dental plan?

You can pay for your CAA drug and dental benefits without filling out lengthy forms conveniently with your CAA benefit card. Furthermore, you can also process a lot of prescription drug and dental claim electronically.

What is the waiting period for CAA Health and Dental Benefits?

CAA Health & Dental does not impose any waiting period before paying out claims, unlike most other plans.

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