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Insurdinary offers the best insurance rates in Canada. Now you can compare Canadian insurance providers side-by-side and get the best quotes for you. Get instant Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance and other insurance product quotes online – fast!

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We make finding the right insurance coverage fast and simple by connecting you with the best insurance providers in Canada.

Browse options, compare rates, and more on Insurdinary.ca.

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      Price should be a consideration when purchasing insurance, it shouldn’t be the only one. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

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      As with any purchase, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best coverage and price. Insurdinary helps you compare major insurance providers and rates all in one place.


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Looking for affordable health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, and other insurance products?

Insurdinary helps you compare the leading insurance providers in order to find the best coverage for you.


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Insurdinary makes getting insurance quotes simple and fast. We will guide you in everything that you need to know about insurance and give you free insurance advise and free insurance quotes too.

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Let Insurdinary help you find the perfect insurance coverage for you and your family!

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Compare Health Insurance

Find the right Health Insurance for you and your family.

We compare the best Health Insurance plans from the top providers in your area. Save hundreds of dollars or more per year on your policy.

Compare Life Insurance

Protect your assets and safeguard the ones you love with the right Life Insurance coverage.

Compare Canada’s top Life Insurance providers for the best coverage, rates and support.

Compare Travel Insurance

Get Travel Insurance that covers you no matter where you go.

Be protected anywhere by finding the best Travel Insurance online.

Compare Mortgage Insurance

Your home is your greatest investment. Make sure you’re covered with Mortgage Insurance.

Compare Canada providers online now.

Compare Critical Illness Insurance

A Critical Illness can happen at any time. Get insured today.

Compare quotes from Critical Illness insurance providers online.

Compare Disability Insurance

Ensure you’re covered if you have any workplace mishaps. Know more about comprehensive Disability Insurance in Canada.

Compare Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance offers peace of mind for you and your family.

Get quotes and compare providers today.

Compare Auto Insurance

Life comes at you fast. Ensure that your vehicle is protected with comprehensive, affordable Auto Insurance.

Compare Auto Insurance rates online with Insurdinary.

Compare Renters Insurance

Protect your property and assets in case of damage with the right Renters Insurance.

Browse Renters Insurance providers and compare quotes with Insurdinary.ca today.

Compare Home Insurance

Is your home covered? Protect your greatest asset with Home Owners insurance today.

Compare quotes online and find the best coverage for the lowest rates.

Compare Group Insurance

Looking for the best Group Insurance for yourself.

We compare the cheapest Group Insurance plans from the major providers in your area. Save hundreds of dollars or more per year on your policy.

Compare Pet Insurance

Protect your furry friends. Get the best Pet Insurance for your loved ones.

Browse Pet Insurance policies and coverage online.

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