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Being a leading provider of group or employee benefits plans in Canada, Aviva works with several organizations and businesses throughout Canada. Aviva employee benefit plan includes auto insurance, home insurance, and coverage for classic cars, motorcycles, cottages, to mention a few.

Furthermore, Aviva also includes several additional features in its offerings such as claims service satisfaction guarantee, auto repairs vendors, property restoration vendors, and so forth.

Aviva employee benefit plan is an interesting and attractive way to guarantee employees satisfaction and also to make sure that your employees are safe and have peace of mind. The group benefit plan can be customized to suit the size and objectives of your organization and to help you to make the most of everything Aviva has to offer.

Moreover, the employee benefits plan provides a seamless way for you to retain the best workforce while making sure that they are satisfied. Rather than increasing your employees’ taxable salary, you would rather offer them additional compensation through Aviva employee benefit plan. Furthermore, with the plan, you will not just be protecting your employees and their family, you will also be protecting your organization.

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Aviva Employee Benefits Plan Details

Aviva offers several insurance products both in its individual and group plan. Some of the plans include auto insurance, home insurance, condo insurance, tenant insurance and so forth.

The insurer offers claims guarantee. The claims professionals will respond to your group insurance claims as quickly as possible and will help you to get the best out of the employee benefits plan. The employee benefits plan guarantees that you will be given a cheque for the amount of your current premium if you are not happy with the claims service.

You can benefit from the Aviva auto assist, repairs done right-guaranteed, and you can also get more from your insurance coverage-free. With the Aviva auto assist, you can get access to a reliable network of auto experts in order to make it easy for you to own a vehicle. This is backed with a $1,000 workmanship guarantee.

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Aviva Employee Benefits News

On November 28, 2017, Aviva announced a new group-wide policy that offers parental leave equally to men and women. This allows parents employed by Aviva to receive an equal amount of paid and unpaid time off irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender or even how they became parents.

The policy is as a result of the company’s strategy to make its working culture inclusive and diverse by eliminating barriers to career progression.

Within the first 12 months of a child’s arrival, Aviva Canada is offering up to one year of leave with 12 weeks’ full pay for parents who work with the company. This is applicable to employees in Canada with no eligibility criteria as it relates to earnings threshold and service length.

The company’s parental leave policy entitlement includes full-time and part-time employees in the company, an equal amount of unpaid and paid parental leave when a new child arrives, no requirement to share the parental leave between parents and so forth.

Aviva’s Chief People Officer, Sarah Morris, said that the recent policy is one of the most ground-breaking policies offered by any employer. It equalizes parental leave and creates a level playing ground for men and women who want to take out time from their career and spend time with their family.

The parental leave policy will be offered to employees who became parents on or after November 19, 2017. It is not just applicable to Aviva Canada but also employees in France, Singapore, Ireland, and the UK and the company intends to extend this to all other Aviva businesses.

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Aviva Group Benefits Plans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I make a claim on Aviva?

Aviva’s claim experts are always available to make the claims process easy and simple for you. If you are involved in an accident or unexpected occurrence, you can contact a claims expert to walk you through the process of making a claim by calling 1-866-692-8482.

Is the insurance industry regulated?

Yes, the Canadian insurance industry is regulated by the provincial governments. The role of the provincial government is to make sure that there is a fair playing ground and also ensure that the companies offer quality insurance services.

What is insurance?

Insurance guarantees your financial safety and that of your family in the event of an unexpected loss. It provides for support in case of an incident or accident covered by the plan.

How do I withdraw my consent to having informational electronic communications sent to me?

You can unsubscribe from this service by clicking on a link in the emailed quote you request. Aviva Agency Service will understand that you no longer require the service when you click on the link.

What is a disappearing deductible?

A disappearing deductible is a 20% reduction of your deductible for each year you do not make a claim. The deductible will be gone after five years but your premiums will remain the same. The deductible will go back to its original amount if you make a claim.

What is a no-fault insurance system?

A no-fault insurance system implies that you only have to contact your own insurance company and not the drivers’ insurance company if you are injured or your vehicle is damaged in an accident.

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